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Avoid costly downtime and errors by having a service partnership with SystemTeknik. With our employees’ broad know-how, we can guarantee quality solutions for your business.

By having regular visits by our service technicians and having inspections carried out, you can extend the life of the panel and breaker and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

We have extensive experience in replacing and repairing old panels or breakers from all manufacturers.

We perform circuit breaker inspections and can replace circuit breakers up to 6,300 amps.

We are proactive on behalf of the customer, and our competent staff can quickly assess whether any parts of the system have weaknesses and need to be replaced.

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Our service department offers all services and maintenance for all industries. We are always ready for a dialogue, so let's talk about how SystemTeknik can help and advise you and your business in relation to service and maintenance.

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Ole Madsen