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At SystemTeknik we work with a wide range of automation solutions and have the expertise to work within many industries.

Future-proof automation solutions

At SystemTeknik, we have the expertise to work within the process industry, warehousing, and production facilities. By optimizing your company's process and production facilities through automation, you can keep your business competitive and get a greater return on your investment - without compromising on quality and safety.

Total supplier

By having your automation, control panel and your service from SystemTeknik, you reduce the risk of errors in your company's installation and in processes where, for example, machine precision is required.

Extensive know-how

Our skilled engineers have extensive knowledge of PLCs, HMI and SCADA from Siemens and Allen Bradley, but they have a wide range of other brands.

PLC control for every task

We can handle both small and large projects, ranging from adding a button to an existing installation to developing complex new installations.

Software development and standardization

We offer the development of new control systems for existing or new installations and can carry out the standardization of software for installations.

Programming language

Ladder (LAD), Function Blocks (FBD, FB), Structured Text (ST, SCL), Sequence Function Chart (SFC).

We can develop new installations and controls according to the customer's wishes

Process installations

Here we can make pump controls, HVAC and generator controls.

Logistical systems

We can develop transport systems for boxes/packages, pallet transport and sorting systems.

Special installations

Based on a dialogue with the customer, we can develop special orders as the customer wishes. This can for example be projects where something has to be moved from A to B, palletizing operations or similar.

Automation service

To ensure optimal uptime of your installations, it is important to have your electrical machines and installations optimized and maintained. Let our skilled software engineers handle the task of strengthening your company's reliability and improving productivity through a service partnership.
In a service agreement with SystemTeknik, we offer to take care of the ongoing maintenance of the controls and installations at your facility. Planned service reduces downtime in your installations, as the risk of breakdowns and damage is significantly reduced by ongoing service and maintenance - and uptime is maximized.


Panel solutions

At our facilities in Denmark and Poland, we produce competitively priced electrical panel solutions that are delivered worldwide. We are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and these guarantee that you will receive high quality panel solutions that meet all regulatory requirements. We have the capabilities to produce a customized solution as we have both the capacity and know-how to handle these projects, whatever the size.

Electrical panel solutions


By having regular service performed on the electrical panels, you can prevent costly breakdowns by accommodating any replacements before the breakdown occurs. We will thoroughly and efficiently review your entire electrical technical setup in your company, and our skilled staff can quickly assess if any parts have weaknesses in the system that need to be replaced.


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We optimize, develop, and deliver automation solutions for your business based on your wishes and needs. If you would like to know more about our solutions, please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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