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Planned service and maintenance

Honesty, efficiency and know-how form the foundation of our service relationships with our customers.

Planned service and maintenance

At SystemTeknik, customers can start by having service on the electrical panels, and then be able to extend the service agreement if needed. We offer an informal working relationship where you can call directly to the technician who can help with the issue you are currently facing. The problem can be resolved immediately, and you can move on quickly.
We strive to have an open and honest partnership around all the processes of service and maintenance, and our customers appreciate having a partner who delivers high quality at the time and price they promise.

Planned maintenance

A maintained system runs more stably and has fewer crashes – that goes without saying. But the breakdowns are also shorter because we notify the customer if, for example, a spare part is soon to be discontinued in Danish production and must be ordered from abroad instead. Then we are helping to find a solution before the customer is faced with an acute breakdown.


In addition to planned service checks, SystemTeknik’s service is also characterized by competent advice as an essential service, where we listen to the customer and offer the most optimal and durable solution on the market. If new projects need to be specified, we can offer technical sparring and knowledge that you and your company can rely on. In fact, this can save you a lot of time and ensure that you are well set, as we know your systems and exactly which parts need to be included.

For example, if we see that there are new regulations in an area or are told that a spare part will no longer be produced for a device that our customers use, we will get in touch with them straight away so that we can find another solution.

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Our service department offers all services and maintenance for all industries. We are always ready for a dialogue, so let's talk about how SystemTeknik can help and advise you and your business in relation to service and maintenance.

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