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Electrical panel solutions

Over 65 years – or six decades – is actually how long we’ve been working with electrical panels. That’s why we dare to say that we can guarantee our products are of the highest quality and that we can always deliver the solution you need.

Electrical panel solutions for all industries

At our facilities in Denmark and Poland, we produce competitively priced switchboard solutions that are delivered worldwide. We are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and these guarantee that you will get high quality panel solutions that meet all regulatory requirements.
We have the capabilities to produce a customized solution as we have both the capacity and know-how to handle these tasks, whatever the size.
You can read more about our panel solutions below or contact us for advice and a non-binding quote - even if you're looking for a panel solution that's not listed on the page. Contact us and we'll find the solution together.

UL 891 certified in the United States and Canada

We are proud to be one of the few switchboard manufacturers in Europe with the UL 891 Certification for switchboards. This does not only increase our own and our customer’s credibility but also demonstrates a steadfast dedication to the exacting standards of quality and safety essential for achieving project success. This focus on equipment quality and design also streamlines and simplifies the tasks faced by end-users and field integrators.


Having regular service performed on electrical panels can prevent costly breakdowns by accommodating any replacements before the breakdown occurs. We will thoroughly and efficiently review your entire electrical setup in your company, and our skilled employees can quickly assess if any parts have weaknesses in the system that need to be replaced.



Are you in a situation where you want to convert your manual production into an automatic PLC control system, or are you having challenges with your current PLC system? At SystemTeknik we offer a wide range of automation solutions, and we have the expertise to handle tasks in many industries.


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