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Service check

We offer to carry out inspections and maintenance of all types of electrical panels. By having the service carried out regularly, you contribute to extending the life of the electrical panel and preventing faults in the electrical panel, which in the worst case can lead to a power failure or overheating.

For service checks, we will send one of our service technicians to your company to ensure an efficient review of all electrical panels in your electrical setup.

For service checks, we offer cleaning of panels or the entire installation, tensioning of all components and replacement of defective or used parts in the electrical panel.

All our service technicians are fully educated in current standards and will ensure that these are adhered to during service checks.

We have excellent working relationships with remote warehouses, so we can respond quickly and efficiently to any needs.

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Our service department offers all services and maintenance for all industries. We are always ready for a dialogue, so let's talk about how SystemTeknik can help and advise you and your business in relation to service and maintenance.

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